Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sony Xperia Ear,Eye,Projector and Agent: Technology of tomorrow

It was in 2009 when Pranav Mistry put something all the more astounding which he called "The Sixth Sense". The device had the capabilities to do things that were way ahead of it's time.

Seven years on, something on the similar lines was presented at the Mobile World Congress 2016. The Japanese tech giants Sony introduced a whole new range of accessories along with the new Xperia X handset family. Following is what we could gather on the products.

Xperia Ear-

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Xperia Ear can be understood as sort of a remodeled version of what used to be the Bluetooth 'Hands-free' device. Now, the Ear can not just receive calls but also read out texts and documents and moreover even send voice messages through the inbuilt microphone module.
It has a proximity sensor so it knows when the device is plugged in your ear. The Ear can be programmed using Google Voice. So, each user can customize according to their needs. For instance, it can tell the weather forecast or score of a particular game or act as a navigator for instance.What we understand is that the Ear would also be transmitting and receiving data via Bluetooth. The design team has done considerable work to make the device as light as 6 grams. Moreover, the battery is speculated to last as long as 210 minutes. However if at all you run low on battery, the device will be accompanied with a charging case that doubles as a charger which will act as an additional power source.  From what Sony has revealed about the product, following are the specifications of the product:

The device will have accelerometers and gyroscopes built in subject to future research. The Xperia Ear will be available in the market this summer.

Xperia Eye-

Image result for xperia eyeThe Xperia Eye is a wide-angled mini-camera that clings on wearable items such as clothes or helmets and provides the facility to capture everything in front of you in a photographic or videographic form.It may also be comprehended as a hands free camera. The device has a 360 degree spherical lens and uses Sony's face detection algorithms to focus automatically. Sony is yet to release full details of the product and the launch date is yet to be confirmed.

Xperia Projector-

The Xperia Projector is what we personally feel is the coolest of the lot. The product was arrayed at the MWC and surely caught many eyes.The Projector is actually more than just a projector. The device has an angled projection that could project on potentially every plane surface. The screen then is supposed to be sensitive to touch and, what we made of the MWC video, was quite responsive. The product has inbuilt speakers. Moreover, the device is not battery powered so the user needs to plug in whenever they want to use it. However, the size of the product is manageable and hence makes it fairly portable. It is apparently designed as a Wi-Fi based device. It is hard to say why Sony is delaying the product release but what is vivid from the situation is that its impact on the market would be game changing.

Xperia Agent-

Image result for xperia projector specs The Xperia Agent is a personalized assistant and moreover has almost all the functionality of which the Eye, Ear and projector has to offer. It has a two way microphone, a projector and a speaker built in. Additionally, it can do some house automation tasks like opt to switch on the lights every time you walk in the room. Clearly, Agent is for those who are looking forward for house automation tools. It is quite clear why Sony has held the release as there were certain audio issues in the product.

The Ear will be made available in the summer while the other three are told to be released in the "near future". What we infer from the products is that the Ear and the Eye would be a great utility for everyday use. The Projector and the Agent are wonderful pieces of technology and what Sony would yield would be seen in the near future.

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