Monday, June 16, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 vs iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display

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Anyways, let's get started on this one! 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

  • MicroSD card support.
  • Better cameras (8 MP vs 5 MP and 2.1 MP vs 1.2 MP).
  • IR blaster.
  • Physical home button along with capacitive multitasking and back buttons.
  • 3 GB RAM.
  • LED flash.
  • 14% thinner (6.6 mm vs 7.5 mm)
  • Higher pixel density (359 ppi vs 324 ppi)
  • 13% lighter (298 gm vs 341 gm)
  • 6% larger display (8.4" vs 7.9")
  • Notification LED.
  • Fingerprint Scanner with multi user suppport.
  • Open source Android.
  • Voice calling facility.
  • Slimmer bezel.
  • Wi-fi 802.11AC.
  • Back has superior grip and great feel in hand.
Apple iPad Mini with Retina display
  • 32% larger battery.
  • OS updates are faster.
  • 64/128 GB options.
  • Aluminum body.
  • 64 bit processor

Is there anything more left to say? :P
Samsung for me all the way. Let me know in the comments which one you prefer!

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