Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New iPad Air and iPad mini impressions!

They say that the first impression is the last impression.. Well then, lets discuss my first impressions about the new iPad Air and iPad mini that were unveiled today!
iPad Air:
The newer/upgraded version of the last year's iPad 4 brings in quite a bit of hardware changes. It has the new A7 64-bit chip found in the iPhone 5S which was unveiled in the starting of September this year. As it is with Apple, there is no official statement about how much RAM the device holds. As expected, it will be shipped with iOS 7. Although, everybody was expecting for Apple to release iOS 7.1 which should be a small update including performance improvements and bug fixes. Now we come to the "air" part of the new tablet. iPad Air is just 7.5 mm thin as compared to last year's 8.8 mm iPad. That is a 1.3 mm cut-off. Now, to earn something, you have to lose something. And in this case, battery capacity. Apple has not given us any numbers in terms of mAHs but it says that with the new power-efficient processor and even with lesser battery capacity, the battery life would be 10 hours(same as last year's iPad). It weighs 469 gms as compared to last year's 601 gms. Again, this is only possible due to the cut off in battery. Also, the iPad Air brings in MIMO(Multi Input Multi Output) WiFi. This technology was introduced in the Google Nexus 10 manufactured by Samsung which was announced approximately this time of the year in 2012. Now, over to iPad mini
iPad mini:
The 7-8" tablet market was introduce in the mainstream when Google announced the First Gen Nexus 7 in June 2012. After some time, Apple announced their 7.9" iPad mini in October 2012. These two tablets were pretty much neck-to-neck in terms of performance and specs. But there was one major problem in both these 'mini-tablets', the screen resolution. The screen resolution was horrible. The pixel density came out to be about 150-200. That is too low for even 2012's standards when almost every flagship came with about 300 ppi. To solve this problem, this year, in July, Google announced the Nexus 7(2013) with a newer processor, higher RAM and the most needed, higher screen resolution. It boasted a 1920X1020 resolution with a 323 pixel per inch density. We all pretty much expected Apple to do the same, release an iPad mini with a "Retina display". And today, they fell nowhere short. The new iPad mini has the same A7 chip. BUT, it is heavier and thicker than the original iPad mini. At 7.5 mm against last year's 7.2 mm and 341 gms against last years 312 gms.
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