Monday, May 5, 2014

Have we reached tech saturation or are we expecting too much?

Everytime, the same thing happens. A manufacturer announces it's newest flagship and the tech world goes gaga for that particular device, until, it is slowly forgotten and thrown into the tech oblivion.

HTC announced it's new flaship, the HTC One M8 in March and to be honest, I was yawning during the keynote. I mean, if I can get the old HTC One for even 3/4th the price of the new one, I would not think for even one second. I think that HTC hyped the phone too much on YouTube and Twitter and raised people's expectations far from what the M8 could actually deliver. You can read my overview of the HTC One M8 here.

HTC's newest flagship. the One M8, compared to it's predecessor

The case is similar even with the Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z2 and many more flagships of leading manufacturers who seem to just refine their last year's phone with a newer processor, a higher quality camera and in a little bigger chassis.

Samsung Galaxy S5 and S4

Don't get me wrong, I think they are all great phones but as compared to one year old models, they are only a fraction better. According to me, Nexus 6(?) > Sony Xperia Z2 > Oppo Find 7 > Samsung Galaxy S5  > Oneplus One > HTC M8 >>> iPhone 6(:P).

The beauties of the Android world: Sony Xperia Z1 and Z2

These facts make us wonder whether we have reached saturation or our limit of innovation. The fact is that, as we are going forward in time the changes in phones become more and more subtle. You could easily tell between a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a S4 but the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4 look almost identical. Also, I think that the fact that the HTC One M8 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 have lesser pixel density than last year's models support my point.

The purpoted flagship-killer of the newly found Chinese manufacturer, Oneplus

So... What does this conclude? We do have great new and innovative technology like Phoneblocks, Moto 360, Google Glass and many more devices. But, the problem is that we really have achieved too much in the recent years and that's why we don't get surprised by anything nowadays. The HTC One M8 and the Oneplus One are the perfect examples for hyping a device out of it's abilities. No doubt that they are both beatiful phones but they just couldn't live up to the hype. But we can still count on Google and the next Nexus manufacturer that we will again be awed by the it's brilliance. A few months ago, I told my co-writer, +Jay Shah, that the perfect phone for me would be built by HTC, have the software of Google and hand-picked features from Samsung and Motorola!

With all this, there is one thing we know that Android power users like me can always count on ROM makers like +CyanogenMod  and +Paranoid Android that they will come up with something awesome!

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