Sunday, May 4, 2014

1+1=1 ?

The time comes to smash the past !!

Oneplus wants it's users to forget to compromise

The most awaited gadget in the smartphone category lies in front of the tech-world today with a shocking price and classy specifications. Oneplus established itself as a top notch Chinese smartphone brand in December 2013 after the core team became from the premium smartphone brand Oppo. It, in a way challenged the top smartphone maker giants that it will unveil a phone which will be it's own competitor, standing ahead in the line of smartphones. And a week and a half ago the beast was unleashed by the newly established old competitors.

The Oneplus One is the first flagship of Oneplus which has some amazing specs. It was unveiled on the 25th of April 2014 with killer features. The One runs entirely on a custom build of Cyanogenmod (named CM 11S) which is an open source replacement for smartphones and tablet computers based on the Android operating mobile system. It is packed with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor with 2.5GHz Quad-core CPUs making it fast. It's 3 GB of RAM allows flawless multitasking of the most formidable apps. It offers Global 4G LTE connectivity with a blazing fast and speedy connectivity, maybe faster than THE FLASH :P. 

The 13 MP Shooter promises a high class picture quality

It has the 13 Megapixel view of Sony EXMOR IMX214 making it a stunning capturer for photographers and quick snappers. It swanks 6 physical lenses and a dual flashlight supporting it anywhere even in low-light conditions. Featuring a massive 5 Megapixel Front-facing camera emerges as a competitive feature which bashes the others in its competition. 

The phone also features a huge 3100 mAh battery

It loads itself up with a 3100 mAh battery with an attractive red color with the Oneplus logo in white. The color seems extra appealing and so does it's battery life. The energy efficient display features  CABC (Content Adaptive Brightness Control) and DRAM (Display RAM) that  adjusts between dynamic and static contents on the screen with the level of backlight. Thus it will last a day long even if the usage is at it's peak.
Talking about voice recognition and noise cancellation, three microphones, one at the back besides the camera, second a little distance away from the headphone jack and the third besides the speakers, work together to identify the voice and filter the background noise. 

Different gestures drawn on the screen will launch preferred apps and double tapping will awake your device and even wet hands are compatible with the sleek and a bit raised screen. There is also a choice between on screen and capacitive keys which offers the user with a dual operating experience.

In all this is a device packed with loads of features and customizations which is available for just 1$ with the terms and conditions as told. The 16G version is available for 299$ with a silk white back whereas the 64G version has a sandstone back as default. You can also change the removable back cover, as different back covers have been made available like wood, denim, etc. to choose from. 

Back cover varieties

The beautifully crafted beast also features Miracast, Bluetooth 4.0, Power off, GPS,GLONASS, Gyroscope, NFC, USB OTG, Compass and a Proximity Sensor.

After announcing the phone Oneplus announced a rather meaningless contest in which if you smashed your current smartphone and sent a picture, they would give a Oneplus One for free. But soon, they realized their mistake and now they will just give you a One if you sent (donated) them your current flagship phone.

This is a very economic and fully loaded premium phone by Oneplus which I think has come up with something awesome and I hope to see it rock and roll. I look forward for something more fantastic after this.
Maybe Oneplus Two can come up :P. Till then let's wait and watch...


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