Saturday, May 21, 2016

Google Allo and Duo

A few days back, Google introduced us with what is known as Allo and Duo at their I/O 2016 in Mountain View, California. Allo is a smart messaging application while Duo is a video calling app. Google has released the keynote of the event and the following is what we make of these two new endeavors.


Google has been trying hard in the recent past to build a conversational structure into its applications so as to enhance the productivity and user experience. Significant improvements are seen in the Google Voice Assistant and the voice recognition has improved by over 20%.

Allo, which simply means 'different', is a smart messaging app. Google assures that with Allo, messaging would become intuitive and productive as it is engineered on the same chassis as the other smart tools. Google assures that the application will help conversations be all the more expressive. Now, the question is how? Allo lets you adjust the font size just as to describe the intensity of the words you are sending. Another great feature is the 'Smart Reply' feature which enables the user to choose Google-defined replies to revert back to a comment or more interestingly a photograph which is achieved by exquisitely crafted machine learning algorithms and near excellence image recognition. The interesting thing about Allo is that it has Google Assistant fitted right into it. So lets say someone asks you what the score was, the assistant would prompt the score in the conversation and all you would have to do is tap on the score to send it. Additionally, Allo also has an incognito mode which gives end to end encryption and deletes the conversation when it ends


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Duo is a very efficient video calling app and Google ensures that it is reliable even in slower internet connections. Duo introduces a unique feature called 'Knock-Knock' intended at providing an idea of why a person may be video calling you. It built by the people who are credited for building WebRTC. The objective of Duo is to make video calling more spontaneous and simple.

Both Allo and Duo are phone number based applications and hence user doesn't require a google account to use the service. Google Allo and Duo are up for pre-registration available in Play Store. However, there are no official details on the launch dates of the applications but it will be available this summer both on Android and iOS.

You can watch the full keynote:

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