Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Android phone setup: 5th August 2014!

Hey guys! I have recently done an internal make over of my phone (HTC One) and it looks awesome to me so I wanted to share it with you guys and steps for doing it. Also, I may make this a regular thing whenever I change my phone's setup.




Settings screen

Quicksettings tiles

  1. Make sure Fi, Elun and Power toggles are installed because they are the basic apps that make this setup special.
  2. Apply Fi by first opening the app, selecting between Red, Blue or Green and then applying the theme by going into Settings > Themes. Select Style and Fonts, other things are optional.
  3. Go to Nova/Apex Settings and apply Elun icon pack.
  4. Long press on homescreen and insert Power Toggles widget. You can customize the toggles while placing the widget and also later, from the app. After you select your toggles, press on Themes and there, you can find other good pre-installed themes for the toggles.
  5. The clock widget is the stock Android Digital Clock. You can replace it by any other clock widget you prefer.
  6. You will note that the App Drawer icon will not be the same as mine. To fix this, long press on the App Drawer, select Edit and then, press on the logo. Swipe towards the left to Elun and scroll down to find a collection of icons that you can choose from.
  7. Install Xposed framework for added benefits like the seconds on the statusbar clock or to change the colors of your statusbar. I have listed the links above and Xposed modules are very easy to use.
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