Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tech roundup: Android 4.4.3, iOS 8, Mac OS X and more!

Today was a very busy day! First of, this is a new style of writing I am trying and I don't think this will be done frequently. That said, you can tell me about anything you want to know on Google+ or in the articles and I will try my best to explain in an article!

Android 4.4.3!

Google didn't quite announce the 4.4.3 update but instead, they started rolling out OTA updates to Nexus devices which you can download here, unlike some companies who tend to announce their NEW and INNOVATIVE OS months before the actual release and give their customers buggy betas ;)

The update squashes a few bugs in 4.4.2 related to the CPU usage and the Nexus 5 camera along with a newer Phone app with Card UI for Speed Dial. Further, Google is said to bring few more fixes with its new Android 4.4.3 update which include fixes for data connection loss, random reboots, missed calls and various camera bugs.

iOS 8.0 and Mac OS X 10.10 "Yosemite" :

Before starting, please excuse me for a moment for being satirical. I think Apple just waits for Android features to be a success and then implements it in iOS, giving the feature it's own UI touch and then talks to the world as if they invented it and nobody else has done it before. As an example, Tim was saying in the Keynote how Android is behind time and a few moments later, he started explaining the "new" features in iOS 8 that have been in Android since GB or ICS days. Also, does EVERY new Apple product has to be the "biggest change to the iOS/iPhone/iPad yet"? In fact, there is an whole article showing how most of the new features in iOS are already on Android. You can read it here.

iOS 8 allows all your iOS devices to sync photos. The messages app allows you to send audio and video, shortcuts in notifications and recent apps, a new keyboard that has swype typing and some more things. You can read about them all in detail over here.

Mac OS X 10.10 has a few visual changes regarding translucent bars and connectivity with iOS. Apple users can now accept calls and read/respond to text messages on their iPad or OS X machine.

As every year, Apple has announced betas for both the OSs and will be finally rolling out in September.

New Chromecast capabilites:

Google announced today that the subscribers of ESPN on their TV and having the WatchESPN app on the Android phone will now be able to cast ESPN videos onto their Chromecast.

Starting today, you can now also cast photos and videos from your Google+ page using the Photos app on your Android device, iPhone and iPad or on the computer by clicking on the "Cast" button while on Google+.

Moto Stream announced:

The Moto Stream is Motorola's attempt to fix the Nexus Q. If you don't know what the Nexus Q is, I don't blame you :P

The Moto Stream is a icosahedron shaped device which is aimed to make ANY speaker bluetooth enabled. It's as simple as that. It has Bluetooth 3.0 capabilities with upto 300 feet of connectivity. It is NFC enabled so you can just tap your phone/tablet and connect.

A maximum of 5 Bluetooth devices can be connected at one time and there is a queuing facility available. The Moto Stream is available for 50$ from today on the Motorola website and in RadioShack from 6th June.

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