Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chromecast SDK opened for public!

I wrote the Google Chromecast review in October of last year when it was about 3-4 months old. I recommend you read that article here before reading this one.

When Google released the Chromecast in July alongwith the Nexus 7(2013), the tech media went crazy about how such a small device which is so cheap can have so much possibilities. At that time, you could cast local files from your PC or phone using services like Fling, Allcast etc. But, on August 24th, Google killed that feature to cast local content to your chromecast via a software update calling it as a "security risk". Again, the tech world went crazy but this time, in a bad way. Everybody started criticizing Google about how it doesn't support open source and all that..

Yesterday, on 3rd February 2014, Google announced that the Cast SDK is now open for developers who want to add chromecast functionality to their apps and also to end users as now, everybody can cast local files. So, what does this mean? Famous developer +Koushik Dutta had already created an app called Allcast that can cast local photo, audio or video files directly to your chromecast. You can see the app here. Not only this, many other famous apps can now also have built-in chromecast support. Kudos to Google (Although it took such a long time :P)!

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