Monday, October 21, 2013

Themer and Aviate beta code giveaway!

Hey guys!
If you have read our second post about Android launchers and icons packs, you most probably know that we are CRAZY for new Android launchers!
As celebration of ~350 pageviews in the last 7 hours, we are hosting a giveaway for Themer and Aviate launcher closed beta codes!
You can learn more about both of them at and respectively.
"When will you give the code?" you ask?
The moment we reach 1000 pageviews on our blog, we will give them away right here, on this blog. But, be wary that if somebody used the code already before you, you cannot use it as it is a one-time access only. If you want to be notified as soon as we post the code, follow the blog and you will be the first ones to know whenever we write a new post! Also,  we will be giving away 2 themer codes and 4 aviate codes, so you can tell your friends to follow us too!
So what are you waiting for? Share this blog with your friends using the button on the top left of the page and enjoy the beta code! :D


  1. Can I please have an aviate code

    1. Sorry dude, I don't have any right now... But you can try the ones on Those are the only ones I had and I gave them away! :)