Friday, August 1, 2014

Forget the Moto 360; HP's new Smartwatch has looks to kill for!

Moto 360 was the obvious standout for the crowd in the bunch of Android Wear smartwatches and it was mostly because the Moto 360 doesn't look weird to wear in everyday use. Recently, HP has teamed up with fashion designer Michael Bastian and they have created a smartwatch design that can truly fool anybody as a "dumbwatch".

Despite their utility, smartwatches remain a geeky niche item thanks to a certain lack of je ne sais quoi. However, HP is partnering with a retailer called Gilt to build an Android and iOS compatible smartwatch that may finally tick the style box, thanks to US designer Michael Bastian. He'll take care of the design, which will feature a circular, 44mm stainless steel case and three swappable bands: black rubber, brown leather, olive green nylon and a limited edition black.

Bastian says the design cues came from luxury automobiles, namely interior features like the dashboard and trim. Meanwhile, HP will will add the watch's smart features, which will include notifications like email, text and calls, along with user controls for music and other apps. HP will also supply the software, meaning the watch may be platform agnostic and not tied to Android Wear, for instance. It'll reportedly arrive this fall, but there are no other details like the type of display, memory or pricing -- but we imagine it will be in the "if you have to ask" category.

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