Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Best Online April Fool's Jokes!

When it's April 1st, you kind of know not to believe everything you see online. Nowadays, tech companies have a lot of fun besides innovating awesome new technology. And this year, mostly all major companies are involved from a legacy I believe was created by Google. Google has always been an awesome company which can be dubbed as a "Community of Geeks" (if it isn't offensive :P) But this year was really special because even sites like The Pirate Bay were involved. Anyways, here is a list of all pranks that I found. Btw, I will keep updating this list whenever I find new ones.

Google Maps: Google release an update to Google Maps yesterday in which when you update the app, open it, press on the search bar and press start, it takes you to a virtual world in which Pokemons are hidden everywhere and the first person to collect them all wins! They also released a pretty hilarious video.

Samsung Fingers: Samsung was the first one to mock wearable devices this year and this was probably the most detailed prank in the history of April Fool's day including specifications and everything. See whole article here.

HTC Gluuve: HTC was quick to follow in the footsteps of Samsung (didn't see that coming XP)  and mocked a wearable HTC M8 lookalike with BoomSound and a camera. Read the full article here.

PA Hover: Perhaps this April Fool's joke hurt me the most. Paranoid Android, a custom ROM maker, were teasing Hover, a remake of Halo(floating window feature) and I was super happy to know they finally announced it. But it was just another prank :( The Google+ post is here.

Youtube Trends: Almost every department of Google have their own prank so who can stop YouTube? In  a released video, YouTube "revealed" every viral video ever was meticulously crafted by the YouTube staff and they even predicted the future viral videos of 2014.
Extra tip: If you search "clocking" on YouTube, you will see a stick figure clock! (See the video below if you don't know what clocking means)

XDA Boots: XDA is another geek community who always have fun while making awesome new ROMs. Today, XDA announced "Boot" which allows any user to request to 'boot' their account which basically means they won't be able to access it for the specified duration of time. Full article here.

Nokia 3310: The Nokia 3310 is one of the most famous "non-smart" phones ever. It is speculated that Chuck Norris once dropped his Nokia 3310 and it caused an earthquake in Haiti :P Anyways, the only thing that held back the 3310 was it's camera. But this is no longer. Nokia officially announced that they will be re-releasing the 3310 with a 41 MP pureview camera!! Read full article here.

Google Chrome emoji: The Chrome department of Google release an update to the Play Store and Apple App Store with a simple slogan, "Emojify the Web". After installing the update, you can see in the menu, an option to "Translate to Emojis", clicking which, will try to translate the text into Emojis! If you are reading this on Chrome browser on you iPhone or Android device, tell me what things in this article are Emojified in the comments section! Watch the full video here.

Oppo O lenses: Oppo is desperately trying to join the "Elite" smartphone manufacturers of the world and in my opinion, it is succeeding! When the engineers at Oppo aren't designing a next-gen 2K display, they design O-lenses! O-lenses are smart contact lenses that everybody dreams of! Read full article here.

Sony power food: This prank is pretty simple. The people at Sony have discovered a new enzyme called Voltaic enzyme. This enzyme can convert food fats directly to power and you can be saved at crucial times!

Google Magic Hand: This prank comes from the Japan division of Google. The Google Japanese input keyboard has a swipe to type feature and this "magic hand" is basically a joystick which can make it easier for touch controls. The video also contains other little jokes like wearing your magic hand as a tie!
Note: Turn on the Closed Captioning in English as the video is in Japanese.

Motorola Boot animation: The work environment at Motorola has become very similar to Google after it's acquisition and take over by Lenovo. A few days ago, it was confirmed that Google had started asking manufacturers to brand boot animations with a specific "Powered by Android" lockup as part of Google's Mobile Services license. Samsung's Galaxy S5 and HTC's new One M8 both carry the branding, and today Motorola's Moto X and Moto G have joined the party, but Motorola has something else in store as well - a new boot animation just in time for April Fools Day. The animation features a UFO, bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster, all exposed by Motorola's spotlight. Check out the full sequence below.

The Pirate Bay: The Torrent search giant announced that they deleted all torrents and now we can see, feel and hear Pirate Bay. Read full article here.

Virgin Mobile Canada: Smart Shoes were the only thing left and Virgin Mobile Canada has made it a reality in the form of a April fool's prank. There are two versions of this "smartshoe": Smartsneak and Smartletto. Read full article here.

Mycolorscreen's MyColorLife: Mycolorscreen is the best Android homescreen theming sites and today they released a video stating that from now on, they will also help in "theming" your home, choosing wallpapers, locks etc. If you own an Android device, I personally recommend you to go to Mycolorscreen for theming your device!

Chromecast for squirrels: Squirrels need entertainment as well, don't they? That's why Google decided to make chromecast in a way that is very easy for squirrels to watch shows like "Squirrels got Talent" on their TV from the internet!

Google+ Auto Awesome David Hasselhoff: Google+'s Auto Awesome feature is really awesome and for today, the Baywatch star can photobomb into any of your photos!

Franco Kernel updater: Okay, this is another one of those Android power user kind of things. The Franco Kernel is a kernel for Nexus devices that makes your device feel super fast and smooth. There is also an app on the Play Store called the Franco Kernel Updater which helps you to easily update your kernel whenever a new version is available and the money can also help +Francisco Franco to develop. Franco posted on Google+ today that the app is free from today. But after checking the Play Store, I got sad. Well played Franco, well played. :P

Swiftkey Flow Hard: This is the only April Fool's prank that is quite awesome and actually works! Swiftkey is a very famous aftermarket Android keyboard and I think it recently made an appearance in iOS as well. Swiftkey Flow Hard allows you to swype with your physical keyboard and it worked almost 6/10 times for me in the test space thay have provided. Read the full article and try swiping here!

CyanogenMod: If Paranoid Android was involved into April fool's day, what can stop Cyanogenmod? In yesterday's nightly, Cyanogenmod turned all ringtones into voices of sheep!

Samsung Galaxy Spoon: Our friends at Samsung Austria seem to understand our passion for food and taking pictures of food. The Samsung Galaxy Spoon allows you to eat and share picture of the food that you are putting in your mouth in real-time. There is also a feature where you can receive a warning message when you have eaten too many calories or when the food is still too hot for your mouth. Now all wehave to wait for is the Samsung Galaxy Dinner table set.

Samsung Fli-Fy: Samsung Mobile UK has unveiled Samsung Fli-Fy pilot scheme in London. Fli-Fy, a micro-router, delivers free Wi-Fi and is able to connect thousands of devices with superfast download speed by enabling Micro-routers on pigeons. Pigeons have hollow legs, which allow for an electric charge to flow up into the micro-router; pigeons can keep the network powered by simply standing on power lines. So no worries about the power supply. This innovative pilot scheme can potentially support up to 20G network, which is super innovative super-fast. If this pilot scheme is successful, Samsung will roll out the network across the entire UK. This will also include the release of the free Samsung Fli-Fy app – available on Samsung Apps – which will allows users to check the strength of their local network. So next time you see pigeons, feel free to feed them and keep your wi-fi karma going strong.

Samsung Puppy Fit: To have a healthy relationship with your puppy, it is not only important for you to stay healthy, but it is also important for your puppy to stay fit as well. A relationship is a two way street and both parties need to put effort into it. Samsung Puppy Fit will help your dog get in shape with its various innovative features. We have no idea how many colors Samsung Puppy Fit comes in, but so far the dog communities seem to show their enthusiasm with their tails.

Woah! Those are a lot of merry pranksters on the internet! So... That's it guys, hope to see you soon. If you liked this article, please also read our other articles which are listed on the right and share it with your friends who love Android too! Also, if you want to make sure you are one of the first persons to get notified when we write more awesome stuff like this, add me in your circles, +1 or follow the blog via e-mail!

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